Boccaccio's original novel, the Decamerone, written in 1351, is a frame story set during the Bubonic Plague in medieval Florence.

The Decamerone heralded a new era in Western Europe through it's collection of critical and satirical stories told by the independant voices of ten young people, who paint a lively and transparent picture of their world.

This festival version of the Decamarone, besides giving context for a diverse collection of short performances, sets a stage for contemporary voices to speak.

The Decamarone festival takes place in a fictional reality in which a Bird Flu pandemic has destroyed the world economy in January 2006.

As they enter the building, audiences are welcomed as guests into the Oekolos: the living space of a community of artists who fled the Bird Flu virus.

With installations forming its functional interior, the Oekolos resembles an ecosystem that actively relates the whole space, the performers and the audience to each other.

The audience witnesses the performances from within this alternate reality.

Three days. Ten Artists. Thirty Shorts
12 - 13 - 14 January
Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
20:30 uur