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Makiko Ito
Marek Jason Isleib
Citizen of the Oekolos

Jonas Kraft
Starting off with studies and performing Mime at an early age he went into Classical Ballet which he studied in Berlin and The Hague Conservatory, the Netherlands.
He worked as classical dancer and after moving back to Holland, joined for several years different companies and projects in Holland and Germany.
Always studying different forms and approaches of movement (including Yoga, TaiChi, Feldenkrais, New Dance, Contact Improvisation, Break Dance and Butoh) he got involved in Improvisation in the late 1990's.
Since 4 years he concentrates his work on Improvisation in Performing arts involving any form of movement that serves the Authenticity of the expression, including next to body-movement, visual arts and music.
Since 2003 he collaborates on a regular base with Francesca Zoia