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Alexandra Manasse
Citizen of the Oekolos

Evelien Meijer

  Alexandra studied ballet and modern dance in Italy after which she moved to New York to study at Alvin Nikolais Dance School and at Alvin Ailey Dance School where she obtained the degree in 1994 (ISP). She also studied ethnical dance with Dele Husbands (african) and Carolina Varga Dinicu (oriental dance).

         Once back in Italy she finishes her studies in Oriental languages   and literatures (Arabic, Persian), at Universita' degli Studi La Sapienza, Rome, with final thesis on dance in Islam: an historical analysis on dances of Middle Eastern folklore which survived the coming of Islam.

         She studies opera singing in Rome since 1995. As a singer (Mezzo-Soprano) she takes part in several concerts in Rome under Maestro Aldo Frattini.

         In 1997 she estabilishes, with the choreographer Daniele Sterpetti, Folletti in Opera dance company. Carrying on her own research about movement and voice, she starts to collaborate in 2002 with Oretta Bizzarri ( Giuseppina Von Bingen dance/sound company).

After a serious injury to her back she gets involved in Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam as part of the Studios group, taking care of the dance programme. Together with Lise Brenner she produces Dance Shorts , a monthly series featuring performances of short dance pieces.