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David Woolfrey
Citizen of the Oekolos

Kylie Abbott

David Woolfrey has concerned himself with the study of performance practice throughout the ages in Western Music. His musical quest is to move with equal ease and freedom through a millennium of music. Currently his present area of specialization is with western music from the dawn of opera (1604) until the French Revolution. As a violist in this field he has performed and toured extensively through Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

David Woolfrey has earned an Honors Bachelor of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada while studying with Christine Vlajk of the Penderecki String Quartet. In the Netherlands, David has studied performance practice with Pavlo Beznosiuk at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague, and Antoinette Lohmann at the Utrechts Conservatorium.

As a private researcher, Mr. Woolfrey has scoured Europe's finest libraries and music collections and discovered several previously unknown works of music from the classical era as well as over 20 works that have been previously unpublished.

Being a musician of the 21 st Century, David Woolfrey feels a vital need to stay connected with the music of today. In Canada, David has played an integral roll in the founding of the Noel Webb Experience, a fusion ensemble combining a string quartet with a jazz quartet and computer media. In 2002 this ensemble became one of three finalists in the "Numus Pan-Am Chamber Music Competition". While in The Netherlands Mr. Woolfrey also helped create the Innercity Urban Sinfonix, an eclectic ensemble combining musicians from the Jazz, Classical, Funk, Pop, and House backgrounds into a "large band" experience.

David Woolfrey's ability as a conceptualist has provided the impetus for ensembles and projects to get started both in North American and in Europe. Mr. Woolfrey is highly sought after for his ideas and creative problem solving ability. As well as aiding other organizations, Mr. Woolfrey also has started various solo initiatives to be released later this year. Such projects include: solo electro-acoustic compositions, and the four-way fugue project.