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Citizen of the Oekolos

Oscar Jan Hoogland
Composer/performer born in Israel (1974), living in London. He studied sonology and composition at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. He has worked extensively as flutist and vocalist. His current musical work consists mostly of the interactive combination of live electronics and acoustic instruments. His compositions were broadcast and performed in various venues around the world. He was winner of the Henriette Bosmans prize of the Association of Dutch composers (GeNeCo) for the year 2000.
He collaborated with musician Meira Asher in the programme Infantry (performance and album), and with ensembles in Europe as performer of live-electronics. His compositions have been performed by contemporary ensembles such as: Tate Ensemble, SOIL and LOOS. At the moment he is studying for a PhD in electro-acoustic composition with Simon Emmerson and Denis Smalley in London. He is also a singer-songwriter, practising electronic troubadourism with his laptop and voice.