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David Woolfrey
Kylie Abbott
Citizen of the Oekolos

Catiya Gainor

Kylie is currently in Amsterdam to partake in the School for New Dance Developments intensive course.  

Residing in Melbourne, she is currently completing a contemporary art/dance degree,   experimenting with a number of disciplines from digital media, raw movement and visual art.   Recently completing a motion capture shoot, Kylie continues to   remotely collaborate, to research the viability of 'in camera' capture, whereby the team aims to produce a high quality digital art piece.  

Possessing a background in circus arts and having trained with Circus Space, London and Melbourne's Circus Oz, Kylie is also a qualified rigger.   With a taste for construction and a tendency to want to witness physical play, in every possible point in space, she creates rigs for her own pieces, and has worked with the   National Institute of Circus Arts and Bambuco.