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Oscar Jan Hoogland
Makiko Ito
Citizen of the Oekolos

Marek Isleib

dancer/choreographer. Makiko Ito has been working in Tokyo as freelance artist and a founder member of, which focus on dance improvisation & Contact Improvisation. Performing and teaching in Japan, and abroad. Since last Oct, she is in Amsterdam as an apprentice of Magpie Music Dance Company.

She has been co-organizing many projects as a member of of the projects, Improvisation Festival TOKYO has started since 2001(it is taken place every year, including workshops by guest artist and improvisation performances).

Since 2004, she has started her own improvisation performance series “aka-pro”. “aka-pro” is monthly improvisation performance, every 2nd (or 3rd) Tuesday. Now she moves to Amsterdam, so she will continue her project in Amsterdam too. (First performance was taken place at Overtoom 301)

She has choreographed her piece. Then She got “Labo-award” which given from ST spot (theater in Yokohama) with her solo piece “typhoon” (2003/09), it was also selected Solo duo competition at Yokohama Dance Collection 2005.