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Tineke Veenhof
Tina Tarpgaard
Citizen of the Oekolos

Pipaluk Supernova

cognitive debris

- an audio-visual dance installation

cognitive debris revolves around real time image manipulation interacting with the dynamic physical expression of dance. By sampling and reproducing live video, the installation challenges our experience of the present in a visual language inspired by the fragmented nature of dreams.

Cognitive Debris is a created by recoil performance group, a group established in 2003 by dancer/choreographer tina tarpgaard and musician/composer pelle skovmand. The group aims to create hybrid media performances focusing on the interaction between performers and digital media.

Tina was educated as a dancer at ecole atelier Rudra Bejart (Switzerland).

Worked as freelance dancer with amongst others Ohad Naharin, Paul Selwyn Norton,   Per Jonsson, Rui Horta, Jorma Outinen and Tim Rushton.

Since 2003 choreographing works for the Junge Hunde Festival 2004, 2005 and the halfmachine festival 2003, leading to the establishment of recoil performance group.