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Dominique Brackeva
Vilbjørg Broch
Citizen of the world

Han Buhrs
Bird of scrap yards and desolate factories, Amsterdam

Studied with and at: School for New Dance Development, Coloratura Soprano Marianne Blok, Pantheatre / Roy hart Theatre
And enjoyed besides some Aikido, Yoga and Body Weather
Autodidact painter

Key-projects and collaborations: Fabrikken Welder, Graansilo Amsterdam (Peat Moss, Dead Fish Fuck, Henriette van Reesema, Silotheater, Ewan Cameron), Songs of Maldoror, Noise Maker's Fifes, Acephale, King Cannibal and the Headhunter, Yann Keller, iLLUSEUM, Anti-Delusion Mechanism.